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Understanding Toddlers

A 6-week live online course for parent who like evidence-based answers to their parenting questions

Course Content

Each week we will be covering a different topic in our Zoom sessions. You'll then have the chance to continue the discussion and ask further questions via the cohort's WhatsApp group. There are also pre-recorded videos of each topic's content available for if you or your toddler's other caregiver(s) are unable to attend the live session. 

Week 1: Tantrums and Strong Emotions

Confidently and effectively respond to the tantrums and strong emotions of your 1 to 3+ year old (as well as your own!)

Week 2: Undesirable Behaviour

Identify the causes of a variety of undesirable behaviour and how to pre-empt your toddler's needs so that situations are less likely to escalate.

Week 3: Play and Other Behaviour Management Strategies

Discover how popular parenting strategies help or hinder your child's development of emotional regulation and their ability to communicate with you and others.

Week 4: Toddler Sleep

Understand your child's day-time and night-time sleep biology, and feel confident to make decisions that are right for your unique family.

Week 5: Meal Times, Fussy Eating and Screen-Smart Parenting

Know how to approach meal time and fussy eating challenges, and how to help your child develop a healthy relationships with screens.

Week 6: Balancing Your Toddler's Needs With Your Own

Explore a variety of strategies to enable you to continue to be responsive to your toddler whilst keeping all your other plates spinning!

"A great overview of why toddlers are the way they are. Evidence-based ideas and guidance for the things that are challenging us and fantastic insights to help us appreciate the joyful bits."


"I thought this course was brilliant. The content was well thought through, helpfully delivered and highly relevant. I’ve come out of it with a number of new coping strategies and better understanding. The webinar format was easy to use and the follow up content has been comprehensive but also user friendly. Really can’t speak highly enough of this course, I wish I’d known about it sooner!"


Upcoming Cohorts

June/July '23

Tuesdays 7:45pm-9:30pm 13th June to 18th July via Zoom

Nov/Dec '23

Mondays 7:45pm-9:30pm 6th Nov to 11th Dec via Zoom

April '24

Time/Date to be decided. Contact Lindsay to join the waiting list