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Siblings Without Rivalry Course

"This course gave us the tools to help our children get along better and even led us to a greater understanding and acceptance of our own siblings"

Course Content

The goal of the Siblings Without Rivalry Course is to help you help your children learn to live together.

Each week we will be covering a different topic in our Zoom sessions. You'll then have the chance to continue the discussion and ask further questions via the cohort's WhatsApp group.

Week 1: Helping Siblings Deal With Their Feelings About Each Other

What happens to your children when their hostile feelings are ignored or denied? Four specific methods for helping children express their negative feelings to each other without doing damage.

Week 2: Keeping Children Separate and Unequal

How siblings react when compared to each other - favourable and unfavourably. Effective alternatives to comparisons. How siblings feel about always being treated equally. Ways to treat children unequally and still be fair.

Week 3: Siblings in Roles

Why your children are often cast, and cast each other, into different roles. A look at how powerfully these roles affect their relationships with each other. Skills that free each child to become their whole self.

Week 4: When the Kids Fight

What can you do when fighting breaks out between children? An exploration of commonly used strategies that backfire. A change to practice the skills that reduce rage and motivate children to work out their own solutions.

Week 5: Problem Solving

A method for helping children deal with the problems they can't work by themselves. A simple 10-step approach that enables adults to sit down with their young combatants who then move towards resolving their conflicts.

Week 6: A Final Review

Time to review and consolidate your skills. Exercises give you practise in applying everything you learned to potentially explosive situations. Finally, an opportunity to take a second look at your own adult sibling relationships from your new perspective. 

 "I can see the difference in my family including the way my husband and I communicate! Compared to other things I have spent money on for my children this is by far the best value and has made all of us happier.

Lindsay has such an easy, relaxed open approach I felt immediately comfortable in the course setting and the discussions felt like a very safe space to discuss parenting ideas."


Because this course includes printed materials that will be sent to you by post, please sign up by Wednesday 16th February to allow enough time for your course workbooks(s) to be delivered