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Preparation for Potty Training

 "This morning's workshop really helped me understand and re-focus where my attention was needed. Since the session my son has done two wees and his FIRST poo on potty! He was ecstatic!"

Workshop Content

Whether your child is refusing to wear nappies, refusing to use the potty/toilet, or you're just curious about the potty training process, this live online workshop will allow you to feel confident about how you can support your child to become nappy free at a pace that is right for your family. 

The workshop will be an interactive two-hour Zoom session. You'll then have the chance to continue the discussion and ask further questions via the cohort's WhatsApp group. If you or other family members miss the session, there will also be a pre-recorded catch-up video available

    Topics Include:

    1. Is My Child Ready?

    2. Pre-Potty Training Preparation

    3. Equipment - What You Do and Don't Need

    4. How to Get Started on Nappy Free Time

    5. Getting Out and About

    6. Night Time Strategies

    7. Childcare Considerations

    8. How to Handle Set Backs

"I attended the Potty Training workshop last week. It was a very informative session with lots of top tips. Lots of helpful advice and facts about how children learn new skills. I’m now feeling much more confident and ready to help my child when the time is right for us."


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