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How To Talk So Kids Will Listen (and Listen So Kids Will Talk) Course

This 7-week course, based on the best-selling book of the same name, has been independently verified as highly effective in raising levels of 'self-esteem', 'family coping' and 'quality of life', as well as reducing stress and depression levels. 

✔️ Would you like to shout or argue less with your kids, or even just feel less frustrated?

✔️ Do you find yourself thinking "Why aren't they listening to me?!" as your kid(s) ignore you in the morning?

✔️ Would you like your kid(s) to be able to feel confident to come and talk to you about what's going on inside their head(s)?

✔️ Or are you someone who works with kids who would like to encourage emotional intelligence and regulation, problem-solving and self-confidence with your learners?

Course Content

Each week we will be covering a different topic in our Zoom sessions. You'll then have the chance to continue the discussion and ask further questions via the cohort's WhatsApp group.

Week 1: Helping Children Deal With Their Feelings
Week 2: Engaging Cooperation
Week 3: Alternatives to Punishment
Week 4: Encouraging Autonomy
Week 5: Praise Without Evaluation
Week 6: Freeing Children From Playing Roles
Week 7: Putting Theory Into Practice

"Lindsay is very knowledgeable, engaging and practical – this is not about unrealistic, aspirational parenting for theoretical children. It’s very relevant, applied and achievable. Plus, I loved having that space in my week to think about things and problem solve with other parents."


"My husband and I recently completed and really enjoyed the How to Talk So That Kids Will Listen course. It challenged without passing judgement on our parenting skills, made us feel like our struggles are not unique and empowered us to make changes to the way we parent. There were loads of practical examples which helped translate the theory into action and the online format was really easy to use and engage with. Lindsay was supportive, approachable and very real, she showed a real depth of knowledge but was very honest about her own parenting. Would thoroughly recommend both her and the course."