Telling On Another Kid

My 4 year old likes things done the ‘right’ way (whatever that happens to be from his point of view!). He doesn’t like things done incorrectly and he will sometimes tells me if other kids are transgressing whatever rules he has in his head while in the playground etc.  … Telling On Another KidRead More »

In A Bind At IKEA

I went to IKEA yesterday early evening having arranged to meet someone (who incidentally doesn’t have kids) to buy a binding machine from them for the ‘How to Talk So Kids Will Listen’ course materials. After putting the machine into the car, I invited her up for a coffee while Adrian had a ice-cream.  As we got …

In A Bind At IKEA Read More »

Picking Apples

“I’ve not seen you like this before”, commented my friend as I struggled to defuse an escalating situation with my 3 year old in the garden over whether I should go fetch him a pair of dry socks. … Picking ApplesRead More »

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