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Understanding Older Babies

A 6-week hybrid course nick-named 5T because it is the follow-on to our popular '4T' course

Course Content

Each week we will be covering a different topic in our Discussion Session either via Zoom or in-person at a venue in Sheffield. There are also in-depth on-demand Videos of each topic's content available for you and your baby's other caregiver(s) to watch whenever you like. You can also ask further questions via the cohort's WhatsApp group. Finally, you will also get a free 15-minute zoom-based Private Consultation with Lindsay to use at any point now or in the future.

Week 1: Introducing Solids and Supporting Healthy Eating Habits

Get ready for your baby's adventures with complementary foods and find out how to avoid stress, unnecessary gadgets (unless you want them!), mess (unless you want it!) and food/money wastage.

Week 2: Returning to Work / Using Other Caregivers

The thought of leaving your baby with other adults has the potential to cause misery/delight in the latter part of parental leave so we'll discuss your childcare options and what you do/don't need to do in preparation for the big handover!

Week 3: Communication and Language Development

An interesting, geeky look at what your baby's brain is up to in the first year of life. (Spoiler alert: Just expose your baby to language usage in your (and their) day-to-day life.

Week 4: Sleep and Naps for Older Babies

An evidence-based exploration of what to expect from your baby's day-time and night-time sleep as they gets older, and how you can make adjustments if things aren't going as you would like them to. 

Week 5: Relaxed Risk Assessing for Mobile Babies

There's a good chance you'll need this session sooner than you expect! We will not only be looking at the practical babyproofing you may/may not need, but also the long-term managing of and responding to risky behaviour and environments.

Week 6: Relationship and Family Resilience

As you move beyond the intensity of the early months of your baby's life, it's time to check in on how you and your loved ones are adjusting to the new normal. We'll be talking about values, keeping perspective, dealing with others' expectations, and avoiding burnout. Fun times!

"I've just completed the 4T and 5T courses with Lindsay via Zoom. I have found them informative, interesting and enjoyable.

They have given my brain a work out whilst on maternity leave, helped me consider differing perspectives on parenting, and reminding me to be kind to myself as a mum.

Absolutely non-judgemental and supportive leader and participants. Highly recommend!"


"I can't rate 5T highly enough! It has really transformed my thinking. I I loved how we were given really balanced views with an evidence base, leaving us to decide what works for our family unit.

It has allowed me to challenge how I've been thinking as well as the expectations I've had for myself and my partner. This has massively reduced my anxiety and frustration, making life with a little one much easier and enjoyable.


Upcoming Cohorts

Apr/May '24

Fridays 19th April to 24th May (10:30am-12:15pm) @ The Snug, S1 and via Zoom

June/July '24

Fridays 7th June to 12th July (10:30am-12:15pm) @ The Snug, S1 and via Zoom